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Blush Always

Blush Always - Embroidered Shirt, CD & Iron-on transfers | Bundle 

Blush Always - Embroidered Shirt, CD & Iron-on transfers | Bundle 

Shipping will be completed by the release date 06.09.24

100% cotton Sand-colored shirt with logo embroidery

Slipcase with CD and Booklet

iron-on transfers: Transform your clothing into unique one-offs with our environmentally friendly printed transfer films! Ideal for polyester, mixed fabrics and cotton, our transfer films are easy to use.

How to use:
1. Preparation: Set your iron to the highest temperature (approx. 110° - 130°C).
2. Application: Place the transfer film on the desired textile, cover it with baking paper and iron it for 20-30 seconds with light pressure.
3. Remove: Carefully but firmly peel off the film.
4. Re-press: Press the design again for approx. 10 seconds with light pressure and baking paper.

Upcycle your clothes - from jackets to pants and T-shirts to bags. Customize your clothes and give them a new shine!

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